Weekly podcasts, presented by Sherif Rizk and the research staff at the Rizk Assessment!

Podcast 4 – The Economy of North America

With the markets constantly changing, they often affect political decisions taken by today’s leaders. Join Rizk Assessment researcher Meena Abanoub Saad as he breaks down the latest economic developments, and how they might affect politicians’ decisions.


Episode 2 – The Hamayouni Decree and the Restrictions on Building Churches

For centuries, Egypt’s laws have restricted the building and repair of churches to the extent that fixing a broken toilet once required presidential approval. Although there have been some developments, the state of the law as it relates to the building of churches is still very dismal. Join Sherif Rizk as he discusses the current state of affairs, and whether there’s any hope for an improvement in these laws in the future.

Episode 1 – On Politics and Philosophy

Since the days of the ancient Greeks, the intersection between politics and philosophy has been well-known. Key questions such as the meaning of justice, truth, and their role in political leadership have always been at the centre of debates about political philosophy. Join Sherif Rizk and Raffaella Rady as they discuss these questions, how some ancient Greek philosophers felt about these topics, and whether these philosophical roots have any bearing on Christian philosophy today.

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