Purpose & History

Politics plays such a huge role in our lives, in ways that we cannot even imagine. Everything that happens in today’s world is a result of decisions and actions taken in the past.

When you consider that these events are also influenced by the rule of law, the reaction of society, and the effects of economics, the picture becomes very complicated.

This is what we are trying to do at The Rizk Assessment – we are trying to understand this picture in a more profound way.

Started in 2012, The Rizk Assessment is a show that presents the youthful, alternative perspective on the world of politics, the law and society through the eyes of Coptic youth.

Show Format

There is no hard-and-fast rule as to how this show operates – we do interviews, field reports, presentations, etc. What we do care about is the content of the show.

In 2014, we started to introduce new content in different formats – that is, podcasts, blog posts, and video episodes done in different formats (e.g. documentary, interview).

There is a lot of research that goes into each episode. We have a dedicated research team that looks into each topic from a different perspective to bring you a holistic assessment of the topic. But we can only do so much in a 20-minute span!


As we prepared for Season 2, we felt the need for a new logo that describes the essence of the topics we cover on our show. The logo, which depicts an ancient pantheon, is also representative of the institutions that govern law, politics and society throughout the world.

Special thanks to Nardin Bekhit for designing the logo for us!


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