Season 2

The world of politics never ceases, even if we do.

After a short hiatus, Sherif Rizk returns for a second season of the widely anticipated political talk show, prepared to tackle the complex issues facing the world of politics. Join us as we discuss various issues from the past, present, and potential issues in the future.

Episodes from Season 2:

Episode 1: Human Rights in Egypt

Episode 2: How to ban the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada

Episode 3: The Death of the Egyptian Revolution

Episode 4: El Sisi In the Neighbourhood

Episode 5: What Charlie Hebdo taught us about freedom of expression

Episode 6: Egypt’s Close Call with the FIFA World Cup

Episode 7: The Martyred Copts in Libya

Episode 8: Coptic Orphans and the “Serve to Learn” Program

Episode 9: The Controversy of Trinity Western University Law School

Episode 10: Coptic Pilgrimage to the Disputed Holy Lands

Episode 11: Ghada Melek and “The Race”


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