Season 1

In its inaugural season, The Rizk Assessment tackled some of the most pressing issues for the Coptic community in Egypt and around the world.

The show was successful in attracting some of the biggest names in political and social spheres, and was widely hailed by its audience as a great initiative that represents the spirit of Coptic youth.

In Season 1, the episodes were:

Episode 1: What Do We Know?

Episode 2: Elections in Canada

Episode 3: Is there a political role for the Coptic Pope?

Episode 4: The Coptic Bashmurite Revolution

Episode 5: The Effect of Constitutions on our Daily Lives

Episode 6: The Role of Religion in Politics

Episode 7: Abortion

Episode 8: The Presidency of Mohamed Morsy

Episode 9: The Rebel Campaign in Egypt

Episode 10: What is the Canadian government doing for Copts in Egypt?

Episode 11: Where is Egypt heading after the Revolution?

Episode 12: 7 reasons to protest in 7 minutes

Episode 13: Why the Egyptian Revolution is Not a Coup

Episode 14: Coptic Activism

For a full list of episodes, see the playlist below:


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